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The Beat Goes On

Piste Titre Artist Album Label
The Beat Goes On N°161 – Émission diffusée le 3 septembre 2018
1 A Love Song Josh T. Pearson The Straight Hits Mute
2 Goal Line Lane Teaching Not To Pray Nineteen Something
3 No Heart The Stems
4 Mexican Tune Grand Final
5 Golden Boy Peter Astor One For The Ghost Tapete
6 Your Time’s Up Santa Cruz
9 Bring Back Your Love Bench Club Club 31/1
10 Submerged Past Seabuckthorn A House With Too Much Fire
11 The Violence Inside En Attendant Ana Lost And Found
12 Linger Longer Cosmo Shel Drake The Much Much How How And I
13 Los Angeles Power Solo Bo Peep
14 Dreamcatcher Hackedepecciotto


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